Is the Heart's Desire guarantee real?
Yes...our "Hearts Desire"guarantee is real.  So long as your wish is legal you can count on AIDJ to deliver!

Do you know of other vendors in the area such as wedding planners, florists, or venues?
Yes...we know who the quality vendors are. Please inquire. 


Can I select all of the songs for my event?
Yes...you may select every song that is played. Check out our Music Library under the Tools section to browse over 500,000 choices. 

Will I be able to meet with the DJ before the event either face to face or over the phone?
Yes! It is very important for us to meet prior to the event to make sure we understand your every need. If a face to face meeting is not possible then we will conduct a phone interview prior to the event.  Expect this meeting/interview to occur a minimum of 10 business days in advance of your event date.

When does the DJ normally arrive the day of the event?
The DJ will arrive well in advance of your event. The DJ typically arrives a minimum of 1.5 hours in advance for setup.  This time is not counted as a part of your contract time and is included for no additional cost.

Do you do announcements?
Yes...the DJ will make all requested announcements, will tastefully inspire your guests to dance and have fun, and will help in making sure your event flows as you have planned.

Do you have microphones that can be used at the event?
Yes...wireless or lavaliere microphones will be available for announcements by you or your party. 

Do you all do beach weddings?
Yes...we can provide portable power and sound for beach weddings.

Can I come to a live event to preview your services?

​No...you may not come to a live event to preview our services as this would be an infringement on the privacy of our paying customers.  We are, however, happy to provide an extensive list of references.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you require a written contract?

Is there a down payment required?
Yes...we require a 20% down payment at the time of contract signing.

What type of payment do you take?
We accept cash, check, and major credit cards. 

​Do you offer any discounts?
We offer Military, First Responder and Catholic Wedding discounts.  Please inquire.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel our services after you have executed the contract.  You will, however, forfeit your 20% deposit.